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Style sheet for Linguistik online

- References within the text:
    References within the text should look like this:
  - Magica de Spell (2011: 387–340) recommends the use of dragon eggs for more complex magic potions.
  - Dragon eggs are also recommended for more complex magic potions (cf. de Spell 20011: 387–340).
[please do not use "ff."]
- References at the end of the article:
  - One author/editor:
    De Spell, Magica (2011): Witchcraft for Dummies. An Introduction to the Basics of Witch Lore for Beginners. Mt. Vesuvius: Witches & Wizards.
  - Editors:
    McDuck, Scrooge (ed.) (2012): How to Earn your First Phantastillion. Duckburg: McDuck Publishers.
  - Several authors, editors, places of publication:
    Duck, Abigail/Gearloose, Gyro (eds.) (2010): Duck, Nature and Technique. Treatise in Philosophy. Duckburg/Quacksville: Quack & Croak.
If there are more than three authors, editors or places of publication, please use "et al." (People) and "etc." (Places).
  - Series:
    Duck, Huey et al. (2011): Medals and Badges. An Introduction for Junior Woodchucks. Quacksville etc.: Scouts' Publications. (= Scientific Series of the Ducksburg Scouts Organisation 13).
  Articles in journals:
    Duck, Daisy (2012): "The Modern Drake's Role Perception". Duck and Society 2/8: 27–43.
  Articles in anthologies:
    Duck, Donald (2012): "How to Borrow a Dollar from Scrooge McDuck. Practical Tips for Everyday Use". In: McDuck, Scrooge (ed.): How to Earn your First Phantastillion. Duckburg, McDuck Publishers: 251–255.
 [Please always spell out first names]

- Structure, metalinguistic expression, emphasis:
  If you wish to use headings, please use in conjunction with decimal numbers. All numbers must be linked to headings and there should be no dot after the last number before the heading.
  Metalinguistic expression, i.e. the citation of a word, should be marked by italics. Semantic descriptions should be put into simple quotation marks.
  Please use bold typeface for emphasis.